Book review: Twilight

June 19, 2010

Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Pages: 498

Twilight is a teenage romance novel featuring Isabella Swan and her lover, Edward Cullen. It is set in the remote town of Forks to which Isabella recently moved to live with her father.

Edward Cullen and his family are all extraordinarily good-looking and smart. They’re also vampires.

The first half of the novel contains a lot of romantic nonsense that bored me. After that the pace of the novel picks up considerably when Isabella is pursued by a vampire who wants to kill her. Stephenie Meyer is skilled at creating suspense and I found myself beside with excitement and looking forward to an epic vampire battle. Unfortunately, all that fever-pitch suspense and expectation came to naught. Meyer left me feeling unsatisfied.

Her descriptions of the history of the Cullen family and the supernatural gifts they possess are fascinating. Sadly, there is little of it.

I feel Meyer could have spent a little more time on the evolution of the relationship between Isabella and her father. They start out pleasantly enough with Isabella appearing to be independent and her father being treated like a man-child. All of a sudden her father turns into a typical over-protective dad; he suspects she might sneak out and so checks in on her at night, disconnects her car batteries so she can’t leave, etc. The sudden shift of power seemed odd to me.

Cut out most of the romantic stuff and throw in a battle or two and lots more vampire history and this would be a very good novel.


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