Book review: Silas Marner

September 20, 2009

Title: Silas Marner
Author: George Eliot
Pages: 183

Silas Marner is a touching novel about a miserly weaver called Silas Marner whose treasure is stolen from him.

Silas is a bitter and lonely man who is angry and confused about God and religion. He leaves his native city after being falsely accused of a crime and settles down in the village of Raveloe. Silas avoids contact with his fellow villagers and is in turn ignored by them. His only joy is the small fortune in gold and silver coins that he has collected from his weaving.

One day however the money is stolen and Silas is utterly desolate. He loses whatever little interest he took in life until an orphan girl mysteriously appears in his home.

Silas adopts the orphan and she brings about a transformation in him.

The story is interesting but the english is old and not easy to follow, especially the conversations between characters.


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