Book review: Animal Farm

September 7, 2009

Title: Animal Farm
Author: George Orwell
Pages: 88

Animal Farm is a brilliant satirical novel that mocks the Russian revolution. It shows how revolutions are led by “unconsciously power-hungry people” who end up making conditions even worse than before the revolution.

The novel is set on a farm in England called Manor Farm. The animals on it are ill-treated, overworked and underfed. One fine day they get together and decide to revolt against the owner of the farm. They kick him out of the farm and set about managing it themselves.

The pigs, the smartest of all the animals, assume leadership slowly. A pig called Napoleon (who is based on the Russian leader Stalin) gradually becomes a supreme-leader of sorts after he wipes out his opposition.

This is easily one of the best books I have ever read, highly recommended.

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