Book review: Kane & Abel

September 5, 2009

Title: Kane & Abel
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Pages: 550

Kane & Abel is a far-cry from the other Archer books i’ve read. Its plot is exciting and has plenty of surprises.

It tells the story of two men, William Kane, the son of a rich banker and Abel Rosnovski,  desperately poor Polish immigrant. Both men are incredibly smart and are full of ambition. Abel builds himself up slowly and enters the world of hotels when he is hired by a hotelier called Davis Leroy.

Abel runs into Kane when his boss, Leroy, cannot pay back some money he borrowed from Kane’s bank. Leroy risks losing his entire chain of hotels if he cannot pay his dues to the bank.

Pretty soon they turn into enemies and will stop at nothing to destroy each other. Archer does a good job of showing the futility of hatred. Both men have compelling reasons to hate the other, I had a hard time deciding who to sympathise with!

This is the only book by Jeffrey Archer I have found to be worth reading. Recommended.


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