Book review: A History of Violence

August 15, 2009

Title: A History of Violence
Author: John Wagner
Artist: Vince Locke
Pages: 286

A History of Violence is the story of Tom McKenna, a small shop keeper from a small town in rural America. His life is peaceful and Tom is well respected. One fine day however, Tom’s life is disrupted and dragged into the glare of the media when he fights off some thugs who try to rob his store, he kills one man and puts the other in the hospital.

Tom becomes something of a celebrity and his story is flashed all over the country. Unfortunately, in a life he ran away from, Tom had crossed the New York mafia. He had run away and assumed a new identity with which he started a new life.

The mafia recognizes his face in the media and decides to come to his town and take revenge.

A History of Violence is a little weak plot-wise but it was still very entertaining. Recommended.

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