Book review: Congo

March 7, 2009

Title: Congo
Author: Michael Crichton
Pages: 313

For quite a while now i’ve been reading “thrillers” that were anything but. Thats why Congo was a pleasant surprise. It is a book about an expedition that goes into the African Congo to find out exactly what happeed to a previous expedition that ended the violent death of the entire expedition team.

The expedition is financed by a company called ERTS which was in turn hired by a technology company to look for blue diamonds which are a valuable in computer processor design.

Unfortunately, there are other teams who are equally well-financed and just as determined to find the diamonds first and stake their claim. The Congo, which is an inhospitable region to begin with, is in the middle of a civil war.

Although there are many ways this book could have been better it is one of the few thrillers that have actually caught my attention and engaged me.


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