Book review: The Stand

December 15, 2008

Title: The Stand (complete and uncut)
Author: Stephen King
Pages: 1141

The Stand  a post-apocalyptic novel set in the United States. An accident occurs at an army germ-warfare laboratory and a deadly superflu virus escapes out into the wild. The superflu virus cannot be cured and keeps mutating so that vaccines cannot be developed either.

The government denies the existence of the deadly flu and tries its best to isolate affected areas. Unfortunately the virus spreads form coast to coast, leaving millions dead. The army steps in to control the worsening situation and martial law is established. The virus wipes out around 75%-90% of America’s population, including almost all government and military personell.

The Stand follows some of the few people who,  for some inexplicable reason, are immune to the virus. After the flu runs its course and most of the population is dead, these survivors begin to have dreams. The dreams good people have beckon them towards an old woman in the south (Boulder, Colorado) whereas evil people are drawn towards a dark man in the west (Las Vegas, Nevada). The dark man is intent on destroying the old lady and her people, paving the way for world domination.

At more than a 1000 pages long this is one of the longest books I have ever read, much of it is descriptions of characters that doesn’t really have any bearing on the story. The ending wasn’t very satisfying.


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