Book review: The testament by John Grisham

November 25, 2008

Title: The testament
Author: John Grisham
Pages: 435

Troy Phelan was an elderly self-made billionare who leaves behind a controversial will behind before killing himself. Troy cut all of his children and his ex-wives out of the will and left his entire fortune to an illegitimate daughter no one has heard of before.

The daughter, Rachel Lane, is a christian missionary living with indigenous tribes somewhere in the jungles of Brazil. Troy’s lawyers send Nate O’Riley, an ex-alcoholic and ex-drug addict just out of rehab, to look for her. While Nate looks for Rachel the lawyers have to defend Troy’s estate from his greedy, lazy, good-for-nothing children who hire an army of lawyers to attack the will.

The plot was so-so and I found the ending to be totally unsatisfying.


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