Book review: Thinking in pictures by Temple Grandin

November 24, 2008

Title: Thinking in pictures and other reports from my life with autism
Author: Temple Grandin
Pages: 206

Thinking in pictures is the autobiography of Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal scientist who has autism. Grandin has a doctorate in animal science.

She is a highly visual thinker and thinks in a series of pictures (most of us think only in words and sometimes a combination of words and pictures). Her amazing visualization skills allow her to design humane yet efficient equipment for the handling and slaughtering of cattle.  She designed about a third of the livestock handling facilities in the United States.

Grandin gives a lot credibility to the people who claim that there are many similarities between the behaviour of autistic children and animals. These ideas were very convincingly debunked by Catherine Maurice in her book, Let me hear your voice, which I had read recently. I am now convinced that there is a link, however tenuous, between autism and animal behaviour.

Thinking in pictures is an inspiring book and should be read by parents of autistic children who worry about their children’s future.

One Response to “Book review: Thinking in pictures by Temple Grandin”

  1. GrungeGirl79 Says:

    I would rather agree with Temple who is Autistic. Children by in large are very similar to puppies. Think about toilet training and you may see the similarities.

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