Stuck in my head I

August 24, 2008

I find myself becoming obsessed with a particular song and listening to it obsessively. I enjoy those tracks so much I play them until I can’t stand them anymore.

I decided to list the songs here, as and when they get stuck in my head. Stuck in my head posts will be sporadic.

I’m following a slight modification of the format Heliologue uses in his Friday Random Ten meme (which, by the way, I don’t understand) :

artist – [album] – track

  1. Snow patrol – [Final Straw] – Run
  2. Moby – [Hotel] – Slipping away
  3. Moby – [18] – We are all made of stars

3 Responses to “Stuck in my head I”

  1. heliologue Says:

    Don’t look at me, I’m only a trend-follower. It was all the rage a few years ago; I picked it up from Lauren at Feministe.

  2. Éire Says:

    I heard that Gary Lightbody wrote some of the songs for a girlfriend he had, but I don’t know if this, Final Strab, is one of them. Anyway, I think this song is brilliant, and I diclaired myself a fan of Snow Patrol.
    OK, see you.

  3. ipatrol Says:

    I heard that too. I beleive that it was a girlfriend he cheated on.

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