Book review: Sweet Valley High 125 – Camp killer by Francine Pascal

June 15, 2008

Title: Sweet Valley High 125 : Camp killer
Author: Francine Pascal (ghostwritten by Kate William)
Pages: 197

The author

Francine Pascal (born in May, 1938 ) is an American author who is best known for her Sweet Valley High series (most of which appear to be ghostwritten).

She holds a degree from New York University. She is a widow and lives in New York and the south of France.

The plot

In case you’re not familiar with the Sweet Valley High series (I wasn’t), Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins who are high school students.

This particular book in the series sees the twins volunteering at Camp Echo Mountain. Jessica, despite being devastated by the death of her boyfriend, falls in love with a local called Paul. Elizabeth, despite having a steady boyfriend back home, starts dating Joey.

Elizabeth’s arch-enemy Nicole Baines is also a volunteer at the camp. Nicole is upset because Elizabeth not only stole her best friend Maria but Joey as well (Joey dated Nicole for a while just to get Elizabeth jealous).

Nicole and Elizabeth have to put their differences aside and team up to save the camp from a savage axe-murderer. Crazy Freddy, as the murderer is called, is a part of camp horror stories. Unfortunately the story turns out to be partially true.

The verdict

When I was growing up, the boys read Hardy Boys and the girls read Sweet Valley High or Nancy Drew. All three series are most probably ghostwritten (together they must total several hundred) and almost without exception unremarkable and insipid. I’ve read Nancy Drew books before and so decided it was time to read one of my sister’s copies of Sweet Valley High (if only to get my book-count up this year).

This book was quite bad. Putting aside the glorification of infidelity (or atleast implying that cheating is acceptable) the story was quite dull.

Not reccommended unless you are a teenage girl who might be able to relate to these characters.

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