Book review: Doctors by Erich Segal

May 12, 2008

Title: Doctors
Author: Erich Segal
Pages: 675

The author

Erich Wolf Segal was born in 1937 in New York, USA. He completed his entire college education (bachelors through doctorate) at the prestigious Harvard University, which features prominently in this book.

His books are immensely popular, often featuring on the New York Times bestsellers list.

He was a professor of Greek and Latin literature at several of America’s best colleges – Harvard, Yale and Princeton. He is currently teaching at Wolfson College, Oxford.

The plot

Doctors is a novel that follows the lives of a batch of Harvad medical school students. Erich Segal attempts to dispel the mystique surrounding the profession by relating the ups and downs of several students right from childhood to the zeniths (and nadirs) of their careers.

Doctors are held in high regard and often treated as infallible. Segal paints a very different picture, the doctors in this book are prone to depression, drug-addiction and suicidal tendencies.

The verdict

This book is definitely a page-turner. Segal has constructed a complex and intricate plot full of drama and tension. Segal’s characters are complex and interesting, he does a good job of explaining what makes them tick.

I was looking forward to the descriptions of the torture medical students go through. Segal does not dissapoint in this department, life at Harvard Medical School is described in great detail – students staying up the entire night, using drugs to stay awake, etc – aah, my own college life seems wonderfully easy in comparison.

Definitely recommended, you will never look at doctors the same way again.


One Response to “Book review: Doctors by Erich Segal”

  1. Veronica Kerubo Mungei Says:

    The Novel Doctors as written by Erich Wolf Segal is a nice book which I personally enjoyed when I read it. It is not easy to be a Doctor, but all it needs is to have focus, Love should be there. Barney and Laura`s love deepened into passion.

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