Book review: Sons and lovers by D.H. Lawrence

December 31, 2007

Sons and lovers is a partly autobiographical novel. It tells the story of Paul Morel (a pseudonym for the author himself) who comes from a poor family in rural England.

Paul’s father was a miner and his mother was a housewife. His father was a drunk who slapped his wife around and ill-treated his children. Paul’s mother put up with his drunkenness for her children’s sake. The two central themes of this book are his mother’s suffering and Paul’s inability to have a normal relationship with a woman.

As the title of the book implies Lawrence had an abnormal relationship with his mother; abnormal to such an extent that he thought of her as a “lover”. She had immense influence over him; a slight hint of disapproval was enough for him to break off a relationship. Looking at the plural form of the title it’s obvious that Lawrence thought that his mother ruined his older brother’s love life as well. This could have very well have been wishful thinking on Lawrence’s part – the abnormality his older brother’s showed was limited to getting engaged to a frivolous and foolish girl.

Lawrence is famous for the explicit nature of his writings. I read through the book expecting the next page to hold something pornographic in nature. Sadly Sons and lovers doesn’t live up to Lawrence’s infamy. In fact the book is quite prudish (or “constrained” as Wikipedia puts it).


3 Responses to “Book review: Sons and lovers by D.H. Lawrence”

  1. umesh prasad singh Says:

    sons and lovers by dh lawrence is an autobigraphical novel describing true association of love theory and humanistic relationship. in this novel author perfoms the concept of streams of consciousness technique in a brilliant manner.

  2. umesh prasad singh Says:

    sons and lovers by dh lawrence has a literary connectivity with the rainbow where unity of thought expression and action is reverberated in a literal and implied way of approach and humanistic relationship. the gamut of this novel resounds the glory of true love with heartitude and attitude of relationship. dh lawrence appropriates the sensibility in this novel of socio economic evaluation of relationship.the trend extracted from this text is a revelation of grace and belief to a psycological demarcation of characterization and actualisation of exactitude in human feelings and emotions in a rationale way.

  3. OP: I could be slow (lord knows I have been told lol) but you made totally no sense what so ever…

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