Announcing Quark ’08 at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus

December 24, 2007

Quark ’08 is a technical fest that will be organized by BITS – Pilani, Goa Campus. BITS is a pretty famous college and a certificate from them will look good on your resume. Last year they got major companies like Microsoft to run workshops, this year’s list of workshops hasn’t been put up as yet but it should be good.

I’m impressed at the skill with which BITS students are going about organizing this event. The events are all elaborately planned. Take the CodOlympics event for instance – it covers coding, debugging, shell-scripting, networking and code rewriting – and that’s just the first round.

This event will certainly attract students from top-notch institutes like IITs and IIMs, don’t let that stop your from participating though – you never know when you might win big!

When: February 9-11, 2008
Where: Zuarinagar, Goa
Open to: Students from any discipline who have a valid identity card
What sort of events: Most of the events are engineering oriented but some events like Wall Street Raider should interest everybody.

5 Responses to “Announcing Quark ’08 at BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus”

  1. Ashish Says:

    dude you might want to update the post and include details of workshops (Schlumberger, LabView, Aeromodeling to name a few) and other things like the world renowned Feeding the Fish ( UK jugglers’ show and display of planes that actually fly using a remote control by (someone who’s name i forget) who is India’s best aeromodeling expert and other things that don’t come to my mind right now…

    Ashish Gandhi

  2. […] events, as I mentioned in my earlier post, were elaborately planned. The organizing students were polite and friendly, they coped very well […]

  3. paper presentation on satellite communication & wireless LAN.

  4. i want to participate in this events . could u send the details of it.

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