AVG fails to detect Wukill/Rays virus

September 23, 2007

A couple of weeks back my PC was infected with a virus that did the following:

  1. Created Ghost.bat and [insert folder name here].exe in folders
  2. Infected USB drives so that it launched the virus via Autoplay when inserted into a PC
  3. Suddenly delete heavily used executables such as editors or image viewers (I found no mention of this any descriptions of the virus, so it could be due to something else)

My fully updated AVG freeware edition failed to detect any virus in the Ghost.bat or [insert folder name here].exe files. I was left helpless although I knew a virus had infected my PC.

Finally I did some searching and finally came up with the name “I-Worm/Wukill.B. Apparently the virus is known to AVG but it still fails to detect it!

I immediately uninstalled AVG and replaced it with Kaspersky. Kaspersky wiped out the virus easily. The downside is that when Kaspersky is performing a scan my PC runs at a glacial pace.


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