Opera 9: First impressions of a Firefox user

August 17, 2007

I decided to try out Opera after reading a Firefox-bashing site (link at the bottom). I’ll admit to being sucked in by the whole “Take back the web” propaganda. So, in order to decide for myself whether Firefox is really the best I downloaded and installed Opera 9.23.

What I did not like

The in-built BitTorrent client sucks

One of the features that could have made me switch to Opera immediately was the in-built BitTorrent client. Sadly BitTorrent support appears to be rudimentary – all files in the torrent must be compulsorily downloaded.

Firefox’s ‘extensions’ are better than Opera’s ‘Widgets’

Firefox allows extensions to modify the browser interface – this can be very helpful in making extensions more accessible. In Opera however widgets appear to be “web applications” that must be accessed through the Widgets menu, ugh.

What I liked

Speed Dial is a fantastic feature


Instead of showing users a blank page every time a new tab is created Opera shows you thumbnails of your favorite sites. Editing the list is easy too, you can drag-and-drop sites from a tab into a slot.

This is a great idea and Opera 9 executes it well.

Notes” are useful

If you surf the net a lot you will often feel the need to store small bits of information. Opera makes this super-easy using Notes. Simply select some text, right-click and say Copy-to-note. The text will automatically be stored along with the site it was taken from.

I can see myself using Notes a lot.

Opera can resume downloads across sessions

Opera allows you to resume downloads that were started in previous sessions. Firefox on the other hand does not support resuming downloads – you must install an extension like DownThemAll!

The site that spurred me to try out Opera can be found at http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/FirefoxMyths.html


5 Responses to “Opera 9: First impressions of a Firefox user”

  1. foo Says:

    oepra doesnt eat lots of memory and becomes fucking slow with some tabs?

  2. Gour Says:

    As long Firefox on Linux does not have working maf extension to save as one-page-archive, Opera with its *.mht support is, imho, greatly superior browser.


  3. […] Opera 9: First impressions of a Firefox user I decided to try out Opera after reading a Firefox-bashing site (link at the bottom). I’ll admit to being sucked […] […]

  4. johnnysaucepn Says:

    It’s a little unfair to compare widgets to extensions – they’re not really intended to cover the same functionality. It’s a little like comparing speed dial to newsfeeds – yes, you can use them both to see if pages have been updated, but that’s not really the best use for either.

  5. heliologue Says:

    Opera wins on technical merits. But Firefox extensions have become so important to me that switching is impossible (Firebug, anyone?).

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